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It takes many hands to preserve Mebane’s past 
Do you have one or two to spare?


Make a difference in your community by helping out at the MEBANE HISTORICAL MUSEUM. Your passion for local history is always a great place to start but there are many ways to give a hand. No matter your age or background.


Museums are known for their quiet spaces and hushed voices. But few people know that behind the gallery walls lies a beehive of activity.


Individuals who give of their time and talent are the backbone of any prospering museum. A sense of accomplishment in giving back to future generations can be a very rewarding experience!


History’s Helping Hands Benefits

  • Free annual membership for 30 hours of service

  • Discounted ticket prices for select special events

  • Preview new exhibits

  • Build your resume / gain experience

  • Learn about Mebane and the surrounding area’s history.

  • Attend Round-table discussion.

  • Meet people who share your interests.

  • Be a part of history by preserving Mebane’s past.


Have a skill, talent or interest not listed here? Have a project or idea you’d like to explore? Call the Mebane Historical Museum to learn more about the History’s Helping Hands program or to discuss other volunteer opportunities.


Wednesday—Friday 10 a.m.—2 p.m. 
Saturday 10 a.m.—3 p.m.

209 W. Jackson Street 
Mebane, NC 27302



Gallery Guides: Familiar with local history? Have a few good stories to tell? Our visitors want to meet you. Nothing brings history to life like personal experience. Won’t you share yours?


Social Media Deputies: Are you fluent in Facebook? Tweet wildly with Twitter? Love to tumble on Tumblr? Be a Museum media deputy and get the word out on Mebane’s history, Museum events, Society programs and more.


Special Events Specialists: Do you love to entertain? Are you the host or hostess with the mostest? Gracious hospitality is the cornerstone to successful fundraising—have fun and make new friends while making a difference.


Field Interviewers: The Mebane Historical Society actively collects oral histories—you can help by recording the stories of those who have a first-hand account to Mebane’s past.


Education Helpers: Museums are important when it comes to out-of-the-classroom learning and volunteers can play a big part in the process. Share the sense of wonder and awe children find while attending a gallery tour by assisting with class visits and kid-friendly programs.


Collection Caregivers: Everything needs a little care in order to grow—including Museum collections. A tender touch or gentle handling is always needed with exhibit installations. Bring your kid gloves along with your helping hands.


Office Task Force: Do you live to organize? Find delight in checking off items on a to-do list? Light clerical and office help is welcomed. Get first-hand behind-the-scenes experience in non-profit management.


Multimedia Moguls: Fancy yourself a budding film maker? Interested in documenting Mebane’s past via multimedia? Opportunities to video programs, interviews, and reformat the Museum’s photo collection are ongoing.

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